Toro Talk was the Zaragoza Newsletter (Newspaper) done by students, when I was a student (3 years: 75-76 school year to 77-78 school year). The year before I got there, they called it Hesperia. I'm sure over the years it has had many iterations, name changes, and format changes. At any rate, so far, Pete Brinkmeyer and Bryce McCloskey have sent in 11 complete issues from spring 75 to Spring 77. There are some "missing ones" out there I'm sure. If anybody has additional issues from this and/or other years, other "names", other formats, me and send so I can scan and add them to this page !! As I said on the previous page, there is plenty of room for more to add to this section.

Keep in mind reading these, that "continued on page 'whatever'" may not be correct; the newsletters currently listed were done in the age of manual and electric typewriters and if there was a mistake, it wasn't instantly or easily fixable, the way it is in this age of computers, word processing, and automation. You may have to check other pages for the continuation of the article for which you are looking.

- Dan Hess (Toroscope Page Editor)