Zaragoza High School Reunion 1995
Netscape users can roll the mouse pointer over each person in the photo and read the message bar below to see who it is. Those using other browsers will have to try to follow my sense of who's in which row... Front row (left to right) Hector Rivera (Jeannie Turchany's husband), Mike Bryant, Tim Almond, Larry Swanzy (Maria ChiChi Fernandez's husband), Ralph Rickey, and David Tavenner (Vicki Ott's husband). Second row - Terrence Spielman (Michi Fernandez's husband), Michi (Fernandez) Speilman, Jeannie (Turchany) Rivera, Julie Bryant (Mike's wife), Debbie Almond, Linda (Fernandez) Chessmore, Orasa (Turchany) Jones, Maria ChiChi (Fernandez) Swanzy, Brooke Hildreth, Lori (Deverney) Sorensen, Carin Falbey, Mitzi (Harris) Merchant and Gerry (Pihl) McCaffrey. Third row - Debbie (Bryant) Bearden, Teresa (Almond) Welch, Carmen (Rickey) Ray, Sylvia Carmona, Myriam Rickey (Mike's wife), Vicki Grazioli, Kim (Hildreth) Matheu, Stephanie Carmona, Lori (Sanders) Moore, Cathy (Carmona) Reed, Larry Sorensen (Lori Deverney's husband), Tracy Lathion, Sandra Rodriguez, Alberto Evans, Joni Flowers, David Cheek and Yolanda (Baxter) Allen. Back row - Ted Bearden (Debbie Bryant's husband), Jeff Ray (Carmen Rickey's husband), Jodi Rose, Mike Rickey, Jackie (Clark) Glover, Cesar Fuentes, Jiri (Crowder) Hollins, Tim McGeehan, Dino Elena, Jose Evans, Diego Reed, Rodney Clark, Roderic Lathion, Frank Falbey, Darcy Falbey (Frank's wife), Roger Crago, Roland Crago and Frank Rose.

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